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ROUNDUP: 62 High-Converting CTAs (Calls-To-Action)

An effective Call-To-Action on your website, social media post, blog post, or any other type of content can mean the difference between making a sale or not. CTAs direct someone to do something, like buy now, or subscribe. But not all CTA wordage is created equal.

You may think that having a CTA on your content or website is common sense, but you’d be surprised to know that many businesses DON’T have a clear CTA for their customers to click without having to work for it.

If someone wants to do business with you, you:

  1. Shouldn’t make them have to search for how to do so. It needs to be apparant and easy.
  2. Should make all CTAs as clear and strong as possible, “get started” is not clear, for example. Get started with what?

It’s unbelievable how many businesses don’t clearly ask for the sale!

To make it easy for you to choose a clear and strong call to action, we’ve compiled a roundup of some of the highest-converting CTAs, so you can find the one(s) that align most accurately with what you offer to your customers.

Use a CTA that speaks directly to your audience. Make it as clear as possible what they’re getting or what the next step will be when they click the button.

Consider your CTA. Ask yourself, “What’s the goal I’d like my customer to achieve? How is my CTA wordage encouraging my audience to achieve that goal?”

(Bonus tip: Sell a lot of stuff? Use a CTA that is tailored with your dominant revenue stream in mind.)

  • Book a call
  • Schedule a call
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Get a demo
  • Book a demo
  • Grab the demo
  • Book a consultation
  • Schedule a consult
  • Order now
  • Sign me up
  • Sign up now
  • Send me the quiz
  • Get the checklist
  • Send me my cheat sheet
  • Join the list
  • Download now
  • Send me the ebook
  • Give me the cheat sheet
  • Get the video series
  • Get instant access
  • Buy now
  • Get a quote
  • I’m ready
  • Try for free
  • Subscribe
  • Join us
  • Join in
  • Let’s get started
  • Send me the specials!
  • Claim your free trial
  • Grab the template
  • Get involved
  • Shop the XXX
  • Compare features
  • Show me my XXX
  • Build a XXX
  • Send a XXX
  • Let’s do it
  • Get free XXX
  • Give XXX a try
  • Create my XXX
  • Grow my XXX
  • Watch now
  • Try 30 days free
  • I’m in! Show me XXX
  • Get XXX free
  • Shop XXX
  • Join millions of others
  • Sign up – It’s free!
  • Click to save!
  • Claim offer
  • Yes Please
  • Book your next XXX
  • Join our community
  • Discover XXX
  • Indulge now
  • Reserve your spot
  • Get access now
  • Analyze my website
  • Find XXX
  • Get XXX tips
  • Get it now!

If you need some help coming up with CTA wordage that will stand out and make your customers practically throw their money at you, consider the following books. They’re LOADED with helpful language that will make you money and help you craft the perfect CTAs and messaging.

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