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5 Steps to Make Your Writing Sound Less Robotic

Robotic copy is lifeless and unrelatable, meaning your message isn’t tapping into your readers’ minds as efficiently as it should be. Readers want to read copy with personality that’s clear and actually resonates with them.

When you start making changes to your copy to sound less robotic and more relatable, you’ll instantly boost your credibility with your reader. When someone can relate to to message it increases your authority and trustworthiness. And THAT will inherently increase your sales.

1. Use contractions.

Using contractions can make your message sound more human.

Compare the following: “If you are looking for easy meals that you do not need to cook, then you are in the right place!”

“If you’re looking for easy meals you don’t need to cook, you’re in the right place!”

The second sentence sounds more relatable and less robotic, right? It uses contractions. Contractions are a normal part of communication and speaking. Some businesses accidentally avoid contractions thinking that they sound unprofessional. Completely untrue. Contractions aren’t unprofessional, they’re conversational. Conversational is relatable. Relatable sells.

2. Stop using jargon or buzzwords.

I get it, you want to sound like everyone else. You want to use buzzwords to sound cool and hip! SYNERGY. BEST-IN-CLASS. Please stop.

Using buzzwords like everyone else makes you sound just like everyone else. Your business NEEDS to stand out in today’s attention-based economy. What sets you apart from the others in your industry? You have to have SOMETHING that makes you unique… right?

Plus, most of these words are meaningless if you actually think about them. What does synergy *really* even mean? Or game-changer? You need to be clear, confident, and make sense. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t make your customers *guess* what you do or how you can help them. Using jargon and buzzwords are the OPPOSITE of clear and they’re 0% unique.

Even though some jargon or buzzwords may sound synergistically and strategically unique, they aren’t doing your business any favors. 😉

3. Use more action words and fewer fluffy adjectives.

Instead of a “great book” use “a book you can’t put down.” Such an expressive way to describe a book brings life to your words. There’s nothing concrete about a “great book” that your reader can immediate relate to. But “a book they can’t put down” means they can actually imagine being drawn into a book so deeply that they physically can’t put it down.

4. Reduce how often you use filler words.

Filler words like kind of, very, sort of, really, a little, etc don’t *actually* mean much. They may even add a bit of insecurity to your message! Removing as many filler words as possible immediately increases the confidence of your message and makes your wordage more purposeful and clear.

5. Replace long words with shorter words with the same meaning.

You may think that using long words makes you sound smart to your reader when in reality it just complicates your message and makes tour reader work harder to comprehend your message.

“Utilize” – Write “Use” instead
“Facilitate” – Write “Run” or “Help” instead
“Select” – Write “Choose” instead

Plain and easy-to-understand language helps your readers understand your message faster. When your reader doesn’t have to “work” to read or understand your copy, you’ll be more relatable and make more sales.


To sound less robotic, make the following changes to your copy.
1. Use contractions.
2. Stop using jargon or buzzwords.
3. Use more action words and fewer fluffy adjectives.
4. Reduce how often you use filler words.
5. Replace long words with shorter words with the same meaning.

Remember, when you sound less robotic, you’ll instantly boost your credibility with your reader and make more sales!

Consider the following book if you’d like to brush up on your copywriting skills: The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells by Robert W. Bly


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